Apple Announces Wearable Watch

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 13, 2014
Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced the release of Apple’s watch this week. This would be the latest addition in wearable technology world. The Apple Watch combines a suite of sensors with an innovative interface to provide a new computing experience on the wrist. 

Apple Announces Wearable Watch

Here are some features of the new device:
  • Variety of colors and styles and looks different than normal watches
  • 13-megapixel camera that will be helpful to take crystal-clear pictures
  • Easy to start and stop the flow of time
  • Small size and intricate circuitry
  • Adjustable volume that makes you easy to control high and low
  • Simultaneous connectivity and isolation of the millennial generation
  • Different screen to see rotation of things you look at
  • A traditional watch that needs to be charged every 12 hours
Lets see in an infographic way now :

Apple Announces Wearable Watch Features

Source : Apple

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