Google Acquires Polar To Enhance Social Media Engagement

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 13, 2014
The search giant again came up with its latest acquisition of online poll startup Polar to enhance the Google's social network. The deal and terms were not disclosed but Google confirmed that the Polar team will work on Google+. Polar is proudly announcing its teaming up with Google on its website.
Google Acquires Polar To Enhance Social Media Engagement
Google's vice-president of engineering, Dave Besbris wrote in a brief Google+ post “I’m thrilled to welcome +Luke Wroblewski and the talented Polar team to Google. They’ll be joining our team and helping us make G+ even more awesome.”

Just a two-year-old startup Polar that polls users of its app via Smartphone and tablet to learn users’ preferences. It has served more than half a billion polls in the past eight months and counted 1.1 million active voters as of this month.

Founder of Polar, Luke Wroblewski said “Creating products is a journey. And like any journey, it’s filled with new experiences, missteps, and perhaps most importantly, lots of opportunities to learn,”  “My most recent journey started nearly two years ago when we began working on Polar … I’m delighted to announce we’re joining Google.”

Polar website will be available for its users through the end of the year. It is allowing users to download an archive of the polls and data saved over their network.

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