Mozilla Includes “One-Click Searches” To Firefox

Posted By: Arin Dey - November 26, 2014
Mozilla revealed the new royalty agreement with Yahoo last week regarding 5 years default search provider on Firefox beating Google. Within a week's time it has come up with another news that Firefox is adding  a feature which enables users to search with a single click. When users type a string into the Firefox search box, they will get a list of more organized search options from the default search engine. And even better, an array of buttons below these suggestions will allow users to choose which search engine or site they want to send the query to.

Lets see in the below example. Suppose, a user types "Mozilla" into the search box, they can search the term directly on Wikipedia.

Firefox is built with a set of pre-loaded search engines that are supported in different languages. Yahoo will be the new U.S. default search engine, Yandex will be the new default in Russia, and Baidu will remain the default in China.

This "one-click search engines" section in the settings helps user who can easily hide and show sites and alternate search options. Mozilla is also keep in introducing MDN, Stack Overflow, Yelp and dictionary sites are possible additions.

As per Mozilla the features are "coming soon to a Firefox near you!" but it didn't reveal when these updates will be rolling out. Hope this will help and take ahead Firefox from its closest rival Chrome.

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