Facebook Releases Stickered For Messenger

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 23, 2014
Facebook has introduced a new app for Messenger to celebrate the holiday season this year.
It has named as Stickered for Messenger which enables users to add stickers to their photos before sending them to friends.

Facebook Releases Stickered For Messenger
This new app offers holiday inspired sticker packs, snow globe chat heads and festive frames for New Year’s Eve selfies.

It features 52 categories of stickers to choose from, including – Minions, Pikachu, Burgerhead man and more. Users can add a sticker, and perform drag to move, pinch to resize and twist to rotate it. Stickers can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Facebook stated in a blogpost that “The holidays are an important time for people to be connected with their friends and family and Messenger is an easy way to coordinate activities and keep in touch. All of these fun features will be available over the holidays.”

Stickered for Messenger is already available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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