Google Maps Allows You To Do Window Shopping

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 23, 2014
Google announced last week that Google Maps is letting people to do some holiday shopping in New York and London as part of their festive special service. The windows are being featured on Google Maps and are those from stores in these two major cities during holiday ambience.

Google Maps Allows You To Do Window Shopping

Google Maps blogsite stated that “So much of the fun of holiday shopping is seeing the lavish, seasonal displays in the windows of shops and department stores as you pass by. Starting today, with Google Maps Business View, you can see decked out displays… without braving the cold weather, lugging bags around or fighting for sidewalk space with fellow shoppers. Now grab your virtual reindeer because we’re off to our holiday window tour.”

A few stores in the two cities are highlighted in its website. Also as per The Telegraph reports, it’s not really anything more than an update of Google Street view in which users can, virtually, walk along streets and look at properties.

This is an eye catching  view for the people who may not be able to take in some of those impressive window displays.

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