14 Things Millennials Needs to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - May 03, 2019
Millennials may be known for job hopping but it’s most likely for a good reason. Since 43% of millennials plan to leave their job within the next year, it begs the question—why are they unhappy with their jobs? It could be that they don’t find their work meaningful or that there aren’t enough opportunities for learning, growth, and development. No matter what the reason, hiring and training are expensive so it’s critical both companies and individuals find the best fit. Learning to evaluate a job offer comes with practice but it’s an important decision for all involved. This infographic from Self Lender highlights the necessary factors of a job offer that all people, but especially millennials, need to consider before saying “yes.”

things to consider before accepting a job

Source: Selflender

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