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Facebook Camera apps launched for iPhones

Posted By: Poketors - June 02, 2012

Facebook launched “Facebook Camera“, a photo-sharing app for Facebook users with Apple iOS devices to upload and browse photos on their smartphones. The camera app lets people take Instagram-style pictures that can be shared with iPhones.
It is a stand-alone app, which syncs to the Facebook social network, letting friends consult one another’s photos. It is said that the new app is faster than the primary Facebook app.
The app will show you a feed of great photos from your Facebook friends. You can swipe to see more of any album or tap to enlarge an individual photo. You can crop the photos or apply filters. The app supports uploading multiple photos as well. Users can add captions, mark their location and tag friends.

The New York Times’ Bits blog says that Instagram has 40 million users, while Facebook has 900 million. Thus the Camera app will be able to tap into the requirements of those Facebook only users who are not in Instagram.

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