5 Ways To Get Love From Social Media Audience

Posted By: Poketors - October 20, 2011
Needless to say that today social media is playing a big role while promoting your website/blog/brand. It is quite difficult to get a stranger visitor to visit your site and moreover when you expect the same visitor as returning one. Here that stranger person should fall in love with your write-up and contents and only then he/she can revisit your site.
5 Ways To Get Love From Social Media Audience
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Here we have described the 5 effective ways to get love from social media audience.

1. Love at first sight :

In our day to day routine life we do believe in love at first sight. Similarly in web also, when a stranger visits your site he/she should feel good about the appearance of the it and can be attracted towards your blog.

So always your first impression is very much important. You should attract your audience and make a very good impression that they won't forget your site and will be revisiting again and again.

How to create a feel good first expression?

Get your Twitter profile a professional look. And it is important to set profile pic like a professional  one, which will be useful in branding your website, business or yourself. Better to get a logo for your website/business.

Similarly a The Facebook Page profile page should describe you or your website precisely. As Facebook is a very much growing social network in social media world and it can give you and your business a global exposure, so better to get a professional look which will attract people and it will tell the detailed information about your site or business.  

You can even put ads also in Facebook advertisement channel. 

An alternate website will be Fiverr. This site can be useful in making $s with inexpensive graphics.

2. Connecting with people

Once you are done with the first step i.e. you have made a very good impression then now it's time to connect with those strangers visitors who liked your profile and showed interest. Efficient communication would be helpful for connecting. 

You need to listen to the people connected with you and it is more important you should follow each and every words of the person so as he/she thinks that you are a good listener and giving value to their words

If you allow your audience to talk then you will better know them and their preferences and accordingly. So don't be that much confident so you think that you know everything. Better you should listen first and  then only respond.

How to listen to your audience?

  • You need to monitor their conversations very effectively.
  • Think like the way they think. What can be the issue and what would be the solution.
Google Alerts can be subscribed for a keyword that describes your website or business so you can follow the communication. Else you can use Twitter search and input your website and product name so that your customers may reach you and follow you, where you will get an idea the present trend.

3. Going for a 'Date'

In our normal life and its relationship, the very next part of life is dating so that we can know each other.  Here you have to show the partner and he/she can trust you and believe you. So better you reveal yourself to customer to gain trust.

Similarly an online business and at the time when your business grows, sometimes it is difficult to show authenticity. Here you have to be very much authentic so that you can earn the trust of your followers.

How to maintain authenticity in social media?

1. Try to develop an unique voice to be recognized over web. 

2. Always communicate like a real person.

Don't try to follow someone else's style to communicate via social media. Use some own style to publicize yourself.

4. Tying the knot

Getting married is being committed to each other for a lifetime. It is a occasion for joy but in order to be successful in marriage, you must know how to resolve conflicts which come in that committed relationship.

So in any relationship, it’s very much important to learn from your mistakes. And similarly it applies to social media also.

Obviously it is important to handle the situation properly and always respond to any mistakes and show people that you are concerned about their experience and feedback with your website or product.

5. Relationship Forever

After marriage everybody wants a happy and a life with a big smile. So the relationship must work well so that it can last for long.

Similarly you need keep your followers entertained and excited so that they can interact with you.

How to engage your audience?

Sometimes in a "couple relationship", a diamond ring can bring a smile to face. Similarly you can also surprise your visitors or followers by giving some gift like a contest while winning you will offer free product or service.

As it is accepted all over the world so nothing is wrong with making people laugh as long as it remains professional and somehow you have to make comedy with your promotion of product and services so that more and more people can be engaged.

Relationships matter

If you keep the needs of your website visitors and readers on top priority and make a very good relationship with your audiences then nothing is there to stop yourself from reaching out the mass audience for your website or business.

There can be another 5 ways where we can get more audience for our product but among all of them making "relationship" would definitely give some positive impact to your blogs, website or services. Relationship keeps you alive on social media platform.

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