How To Improve Internal Business Communications Using Social Media

Posted By: Poketors - September 08, 2013
Social Media is not only good for external communication at your company but its beneficial for internal also. In Fact more than 50 percent of organizations use some form of social media for internal communication within your business. Here we have summarized some ways your brand or business can make use of social media to improve internal business communications.
Here are the ways to improve internal business communications using social media:

1. Sharing Information :

Almost every organization nowadays has corporate twitter and Facebook accounts to connect with public. In addition to that you may create a private account or group for real time internal business communication where you can share all the company related information or ideas. No need sending emails to your employees' inboxes.

2. Efficiency And Productivity :

Some people think that social media's impact is always negative on productivity . But truly speaking, the impact is very much positive rather. For example, if you want to host a conference meet or a collaborative discussion with your employees, you need not stay in the same room because you can make use of Google+ Hangout having people into same collaborative hangout but they might be in different physical locations. In this you you can improve the efficiency and productivity.

3. Eliminate Print Copies :

People have the tendency to print communications and documents as a way to engage employees. Can't we replace the expensive print copies with internal social network such as Yammer and Socialcast? This will be a cost effective solution and enables faster communications too.

4. Community Building :

Your organization may understand the value of using social media for connecting with your target audience. You have the opportunity to realize the benefits of connecting with your employees and staff building a strong community for business internally.

Hope the above mentioned simple steps will help you to build a community within your organization using social media. If you have something to share we would welcome your suggestions and comments.

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