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Microsoft Acquires Parature For $100M

Posted By: Poketors - January 08, 2014
Microsoft has acquired Cloud Customer Service Firm Parature Inc. in a bid to make Microsoft Dynamics’ vision of “helping organizations deliver amazing customer experiences” into effect in real.

Though the terms are not disclosed yet but it is being reported the purchase is costing $100 million.

Tricia Morris in a Parature blog post mentioned that “It all adds up. Microsoft + Parature = Amazing. We’re very excited to share this news with you as we head into the New Year. This acquisition will add world-class customer care capabilities to further accelerate Microsoft Dynamics’ vision to help organizations deliver amazing customer experiences, and bring together two companies dedicated to customer care and innovation.”

Microsoft declared that it will continue to offer Parature services and support all new and existing customers. Parature has 70 million users worldwide that include more than 500 well-known brands, including, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, IBM, Saba Software Inc., Tagged Inc. and Threadless.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM corporate vice-president Bob Stutz mentioned “Customers are more connected and better informed than ever before. Organizations are looking for business solutions that can strengthen their ability to connect with customers on their own terms, using whatever device and whatever channel they prefer. Parature is a perfect fit for every business and will enable us to offer customers one of the best cloud-based solutions for customer self-service. This is a compelling combination for organizations committed to delivering the best service experience that consistently exceeds their customers’ expectations.”

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