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How to Implement Anchor Text In Backlinks

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 09, 2014
Most of the people are unaware of the fact that using proper anchor text in backlinks may increase your search rankings.  This article will be helpful to use anchor text to gain the best possible rankings. Let us discuss here how Google views your thumbs up for a site when you link to it and how they determine the value of your contribution.

How to Use Anchor Text in Backlinks

What Is Anchor text ?

Anchor text is a portion of a hyperlink that is viewed by a user on a webpage. It is basically the clickable text. In HTML code, the link will be denoted with and the anchor text will be bolded as “ anchor text ”.

Find below the html link to denote anchor text:

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the most important off page factor to get high rankings in Google. An appropriate anchor text that points to the specific page of a website, which has been properly optimized to target that term for that keyword phrase.

For example, consider the link and the anchor text is Technology Blog. Here we can write the text link as :

Technology Blog

Note: Anchor text would be starting with "" and should end with .

The importance of using anchor text :

We should know what anchor text is and why we are using it. Lets see the effect in the Google rankings for the keyword phrases and what exactly anchor text does.

Google uses anchor text to answer the question "What exactly you are using and why?". In clarification you can think that “You are doing a hyperlink for a web page or site because it is an informative and related topic that represents whatever you put in your Anchor Text".

Why should you NOT take link from anyone? 

Suppose your site is based on the topic "Cooking" and the links from your site is pointing to some Sport Accessories site and this is irrelevant. So It shouldn't be like this as there is no reason for linking it. If we can realize the fact that it is irrelevant so just think about Google who could figure it out very easily.

Natural Link or Advanced Anchor Text Usage

Website owners or webmasters try to target words with their optimization efforts on one page. You might have a lot of pages in your site so it is advised that you should not target more than 3 keyword phrases per page and if you want then you have to choose another page. 

Hope the above simple SEO tips can be useful in targeting the keywords. 


10 Linkbait Tips For Website Owners & Bloggers

Posted By: Poketors - December 06, 2011
Linkbait helps to serve better platform for the incoming links and to get links to your website. It is the most effective way and obviously the passive form of online marketing. Hundreds of links and hits can be made via linkbait.
10 Linkbait Tips For Website Owners
Image Credit : Google
Here are 10 linkbait tips every website owner and bloggers should be aware of:
  1. First person to write on a new topics :

    May be the first post in your website is about a topic which is solely introduced by you to the web audience.
     People will not only come back to your website to check what's new in the future, they'll also forward your website to friends and colleagues.
  2. Prepare top 10 list :
    People prefer information in short, simple, easy-to-implement, compact and  point based. Only useful information will be rotated around the web and if your site provides some good info then you will get huge audience and referral traffic to your blog.

  3. Content should be interesting :
    If people find the
     articles, blog posts and other web content that are interesting to read then those contents are more likely to get liked and forwarded to others. It is the backbone of all linkbait.

  4. Write on how-to guide : 
    Likewise in this website, people prefer things that are free and love to share free things with their friends especially the how-to guides. If your website offers free guides, and the information is extremely useful then your website will be shared among the friends and friends to friends too.

  5. Make use of social media : 
    After each and every post in your website, make sure that there should be one link
     posted on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to share the link. This will help in sharing the content.

  6. Use of proper keywords :
    With the help of Google AdWords Keyword Tool  you can find out what are keywords people are searching for. Make sure you use those keywords in your linkbait. It will bring visitors to your site for sure and those keywords when searched in search engines may present your website to interested readers.

  7. Put catchy titles : 
    Write some unique title so that people can be attracted to the catchy titles which will bring the information seeking people to your site. It will convince that visitor if interested in your topic to read the content. Here you will get few seconds to make impression about your post to your visitors. You can utilize that time by putting some catchy and interesting titles.

  8. Strong content : 
    This is most important and must required thing so that the readers will be excited and interested in reading the rest of your content after viewing the title. It is good idea to capture their attention quickly and in this way make them forward your post to others.

  9. Make use of videos : 
    People always prefer watch a video or and image about a topic rather than reading a lengthy content about it. Videos are an excellent linkbait web feature. The video sharing will definitely help your content to be shared among others.

  10. Provide resource links :

     users are always looking for more information on the subjects they are interested. Provide your readers a collection of quality contents and informative links to other sources i.e. other websites. In this way your site will be considered as a source of informational links and can be shared among others.
Linkbait helps in getting huge traffic. Who doesn't want to get their blog to be viewed by millions of viewers? You can try these steps and let us know the result.

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