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How To Use Social Media To Launch A Product

Posted By: Poketors - August 24, 2013
We all know about the regular promotions of products via social media websites. But we will explore some creative ideas before launching a product.

How To Use Social Media To Launch A Product
How Social Media Helps In Product Launching?

If you think of marketing over web, social media is there for all your online marketing needs. Social media allows you to connect with people and encourage engagement free of cost or with little money  wherever required.
It means you are a media outlet and can leverage that following every time you launch. If you have fair number of connections over social media network then it is very easy to reach out the people in your circle.
Here are some tips which will help to launch a new startup or a product.

1. Teaser Campaign : 

Brainstorming might be the most creative way to make out some ideas for your startup. Regular updates on your ideas and thoughts over social media is helpful to make aware of the product to people. try to share posts with images and give some teaser code or punch line which may be revealed later. But one thin make sure that you should not reveal your concepts or product details in the initial posts. 

2.  Educate Audience :

Make the people in your social media connections aware of the product or services via your status message, direct message, post or blog if you have. Educate people about the product details and services so that they will be interested to learn more and more.

3. Make Email List :

Consider some people who would love to be in special group and want to learn about your product. That particular group might be small in initial days but later on they will become strong to share and promote your product. Share all the updates related to the product with audience and make sure that they are subscribed to your regular email list.

4. Creating Video : 

Create a video which will give others some hints. You don't need to reveal everything at your first teaser. Try to make an appearance in front of huge audience or live crowd for greater effect or promotion.

Make a video with some photos with relevant to the topic and arrange all the clips on that particular topic to make a video and share in your media channel.

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5. Coming Soon Message :

Give coming soon message to your audience so that they will be always keep their eye on your product launch and may enquire about the product just for interests and temptations. This basically makes readers to come forward and help you. 

6. Self Interviewed :

You may have taken several interview of others. What about arranging an interview of your own with the help of any firend and share it via social media. So that you can better explain your product and share maximum and correct information with audience. But make your one thing that the person who will be interviewing you must relate to the product thoroughly.

7. Spread Over All The Social Media Profiles : 

You might be having Facebook, Twitter, google+, Linkedin profile and some of you might be having personal blog also. Make use of these platform to share updates for your new launch.

8. Ask For Promotion :

Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, next step is to  ask your friends to share the product updates with their firends and so on. If you have a blog then try creating a separate page and post on it regarding the new launch.

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