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Google Introduces Business Page

Posted By: Poketors - December 05, 2011
Google+ was launched in June end this year and has become one of the most popular social networking websites by serving more than 200 million users. The adoption rate is huge and everyday Google+ is getting huge number of people almost like Facebook. Some unique features have been picked up by Google+, that Twitter and Facebook never shared. It is serving as a multiple featured platform. Google+ has also introduced support for "Pages," a new feature similar to Facebook's pages.

Google Introduces Business Page
Image Credit : Google
This new feature of Google+'s "Pages", businesses will be reaching out to fans and consumers similarly whatever we have seen in Facebook fan pages. One of the best and unique  feature i.e. “Hangout” which allows users and business pages to interact on a more personal level via video conferencing. This feature enables consumers to interact with businesses they like and this provides a level which was never though of by anybody.

Another feature of Google+, that integrates the social networking platform's "Pages" with search engines. Here you just need to type with a "+" sign in front of it into the Google search engine, and you will be landed to that brand's Google+ page. This unique feature is called "Direct Connect," and really this is amazing that within seconds you can easily be directly connected to a brand's Google+ page where they interact on more personal levels with users. Social networking has become very easy media to reach people and get the business and users are beginning to rely on search engines to find information. Google+'s "Pages" feature is gaining more popularity in regards to the business brand pages are concerned and easy reach-ability of the pages.

Nowadays, local or global businesses can be searched via search engines and they'll appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) based mainly on algorithms put into place by Google. Here, Google+ will serve a great platform where users can find the to-be-searched documents or pages very efficiently.

Similarly Facebook's like feature, Google+'s + feature is getting popularity. The main advantage is here is the search results will show some results and with that if your friends' "+1's" and likes are there, it will show up there immediately with the list. If you want to purchase an android gadget then you will search via the string say "purchase android gadget" and it will definitely display the result with your friends' +1'd links that you may also be shown brands or models that your friends personally have “+1'd.” So this introduces in decision making situation such as you would obviously view the pages that your friends have liked.

Google is changing the search and social networking for both users and businesses and we have to keep our eye on the recent changes that Google is bringing for the business as well as for the users. And it is obvious that Google will change the way we find the web business happens.


Top 20 Keywords In Online Advertising [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 17, 2011
Google has always been everybody's favorite search engine. But have you ever imagined that how many keywords are searched in Google daily! The number of keywords will be huge. So Google has its data for there most searched keywords in it and also the number of advertisers who are willing to spend on Google AdWords to reach to their customer. 

Top 20 Keywords In Online Advertising [Infographic]

The below infographic has the detailed study and from here we can get idea on how many keywords hit Google and what is the potential target customer.

Source :  Word Stream


PayPal India Will Decline All Payments Made Above $500

Posted By: Poketors - October 12, 2011
There is some more sad news for PayPal India users. As we already know about the RBI guidelines to PayPal (not to accept any transactions that exceeded $500 in value). PayPal already informed the same to all its users in India. PayPal account holders will continue to receive payments exceeding that limit without any issues.

PayPal India Will Decline All Payments Made Above $500
Image Credit : PayPal india
PayPal (as per RBI guidelines) declines all transactions that exceed $500. But the most saddest part of it is that they will also-reverse all the previous payments till date you have got in or after March 2011 that exceeded the amount 500$.

So if you have received a payment of $800 and it was successful and you have immediately transferred the amount to local bank account. Here, your PayPal balance was $0. Here if PayPal wants to reverse that transaction and returns all the money to the sender from whom you have received that payment, in this case the sender will get his money back, But as the money has already been transferred to your local bank account so here you will have a negative PayPal account balance as - $800.

As per PayPal  there would be no charges applicable to its users to clear the negative balance and any further payments received in future maybe adjusted in your PayPal account. As of now, PayPal is not charging your credit card or your local bank for adjusment of the negative balance.

Hence you need to get the money back from your client and for this you need to search for an alternative way. The options such as wire transfer and printed cheque sent via mail can be considered as alternatives.

How To Build Autoblogging Network

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 21, 2011
Autoblogging is widely heard term since few years as a source of money making via blogging. Professional bloggers do earn money by writing articles on a regular basis and posts on their own blog. As per as the regularity is concerned sometimes it is really quite feasible to write daily and post regularly on blogs. Even earning money from one or more blogs also seems to be difficult with affiliate marketing or from Google AdSense. We definitely should have a better understanding about how to create a blog.

How To Build Autoblogging Network

Nowadays bloggers have an option to hire a blog editor for this editing task whereas the survey report doesn't reflect that it is a better and effective way to earn via those editing tasks by them.

What is Autoblogging ?

Autoblogging is not a blog about cars whereas an “auto blog” does mean exactly that. Autoblogging is a term we use to describe automated blogs and automated blogging. It means that instead of the usual method of writing the content yourself, or pasting articles in sites manually, you can actually automate the content and linking for your blogs. It basically requires correct mindset, the correct method and the correct tools. On the other hand, there is auto blogging plugins available which can do this job for your site. Most known plugin like Auto blogging WordPress plugin will publish content regularly for selected niche not only this one in fact there are a lot of plugins available on web.

How does it work and the make money ?

The concept Autoblogging is not new term fr bloggers but the methods and tools keep changing with evolving information technology trends. So better to use some affiliate marketing technique to earn money from your autoblogging as well as you have approved Google AdSense account to earn money.

Autoblogging plugins software can grab RSS feeds and automatically embed YouTube videos and product, service reviews from amazon or affiliate market network, which will help to build networks having specific niche and type.

Autoblogging can be considered as the easiest and quick way to get free traffic without much worrying about SEO and frequent writing articles on blogs network. You can monetize your auto blog with AdSence, Chitika, AdBrite, Amazon, Ebay associates and other networks like infolinks as an addition to Google AdSense, buyandsell ads etc. The tools are very much useful to build a network. We have discussed about those tools below.

How to form the network?

When we want to build a network of particular niche / keywords using autoblogging software then it becomes relatively easy. But you should have some technical knowledge so you will feel that autoblogging network is easier and there are thousands things you can think of for an Autoblog network. Similarly you can try and apply some technique as you work on autoblogging.

What are Autoblogging tools?

1. You should create and manage more than one blogs at the same time. Therefore, you need webhosting, better go for VPS (Virtual Private Server) that can handle many domains and individual accounts for each blog that you have.

2. One of the most important tools is an “RSS feed aggregator” like or other similar software. Make use of it.

3. We should plan properly when we try to build a Autoblog network and also a couple of simple and regular instructions should be done over and over again. Autoblogs can publish content in several ways out of which the most common way is using a wordpress plugin like WP Answers. Basically the idea behind is that if you want to expand your blog’s traffic exponentially, you will need a language translator script installed on your Autoblogs so that the script can instantly increase your traffic and make more money resulting boost of earnings without any extra work on your part.

4. Most importantly, you should have a social bookmarking script that automatically submits your new blog posts to social bookmarking sites like RSS Grafiti in Facebook. It is always a great idea that you posts regularly to social networking sites to get your blogs indexed and ranked in the search engines in better and effective way.


How To Make Money From Social Media Network

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 05, 2011
A lot of differences can be seen among people who make money with social media and people who can't. The people who can't make money with social media and their business, they never get their campaigns off the ground. Most of the cases, they update their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn profile and say that they have social media campaigns. 
How To Make Money From Social Media Network
People or business who do make money with social media are significantly different. They set objectives, create a plan, and execute the plan accordingly. 

Here is how you can make money now with social media. Various tools are being given for a successful social media campaign and helped you understand how to implement them. What nobody can provide you is to start up your own effort work. That is why we’d like you to kick start yourself.

Anyway, we will provide you with an alternative for the so called kick start. Always remember the following useful tips to launch your program, to keep you moving ahead quickly and effectively so it is obvious that you must know how to use social media for business purposes.

We have categorized  making money with social media into following steps:

1. Always try to get more things done within a specific time frame than doing one thing perfectly with lot of time. You should not get stuck trying to make everything perfect. Believe me that would never be perfect. If you don’t like your posts, your tweets, your shares, your updates or your LinkedIn profile, you can simply change it tomorrow or later. 

2. Try to start each day with minimum five social media tasks that will help you feel like you’re going to a good start. It might be easier to think like sending out five tweets, sharing post in Facebook, give answer to a question on your blog posts and make one helpful comment on a good blog post you've read. Look at yourself now. Yes! you have started a terrific day. 

3. Read and follow the online marketing options with valuable contents from marketing experts around the globe. You may check out some of the tools, tips, and techniques that is used. It should fulfill your expectation with a bunch of great marketing ideas also.

If you have something to share then don't forget to tell your suggestion about other ideas on how to make money with social media as well as tips on money making ideas. We think social media is a best place to advertise you business and publicize it.


Blogging Or Job At MNC

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 08, 2011
We have posted in our previous article that blogging can be our source of income. A lot of webmasters now have made blogging as bread and butter. Now the question is how can we make it as our profession. Recently I have come across a big number of bloggers who blog just for money; they are live on blogging not only for passion, interest, fun but for source of income also.
Blogging Or Job At MNC

As we know that it is not an illegal professional so why not blogging? Why we very often get stuck in this profession. Yes! This question bothered me for sometimes but now I got some good answers. The answer is pretty simple : We don’t get stuck. Our will is reserved only for service. That’s why. Successful bloggers are generating dollars on their blogs by understanding the money making strategy. It’s is undoubtedly the new trend of money venturing in the web world. It is the simplest media by which we can work in our niche and reach our target customers by promoting products or services.

Blogging is an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur because  we express our thoughts, interest, lifestyle, and opinion online without restriction and censorship. We can use blogs to generate revenues while we utilize all the information of Inter webs and as we write every thought we have in mind.
On the other hand, once you completed your graduation/engineering either looking for jobs at MNCs or doing MBA. Even after doing MBA, your will be searching for a good opportunity with big MNCs. But have you ever thought about making your own company? Yes! Blogging is like your own company. In MNCs, everything is tracked as when you come and when you leave. You need to report to any manager or need no permission to do anything. If you are going for leave, you have to apply in advance and according to availability you get it. So taking leave creates tension as you never understand the approval status for it. Just taking a cup of coffee and working doesn't make you happy in life. In MNCs, the income is fixed for a month depending upon the CTC.

But blogging breaks all barriers like if you want to earn more you need to work hard and blog more keeping your concentration of mind on your niche. Its like 365 days flexible job. No application for leave. In MNCs, we are like robots and run by the company itself. If you want some more from life you have to give some more to your life. Working for different companies has made us pay-contractor. We know the timing and a portion of work.  We come to office, stay at office and leave office on time.

But have you ever realized the closed system with a job at MNCs? Hopefully now you will start thinking. And now you may start your blog and start working 24/7 for your blog  whenever possible.

Now its your turn to decide to blog first or else job at MNC.


    Blogging As Source Of Income

    Posted By: Arin Dey - July 06, 2011
    Blogging has been a passion and a topic of interest for most of the bloggers who are really active on blogging since years. But maximum percentage of them can't make money from their blogs due to lack of experience or not capable to produce a content which readers want or due to some drawbacks in SEO tricks . But some of them are really doing a great job and making thousands of $s in a day or month or a year depending on their performance on topic selection, writing capabilities and promotion of their blogs.

    Blogging As Source Of Income

    There are a lot of reasons why people do start a blog. Among all of the reasons below points can be  taken as most of the bloggers' interest for blogging:

    1. Passion And Self Expression :  'Passion' is the first thing which can be considered as the 'why' factor for blogging. People have passion in different fields and different topics and they like to share their views. They just open an account with blogging platform and pen down with their favorite topics.

    2. Business Promotion : Small, medium or big companies are promoting their business, products or services through blogging via a blog or a website. They realize the niche in midst of the huge readers and accordingly they do target the readers to whom they can pass their new product or service information or offers and changes made by companies. This is the easiest way to reach people for promoting the business.

    3. Networking : Sometimes bloggers form connected social networks can share their posts containing good content and latest updates in various niches according to the readers' interests. They can get connected and share knowledge and time. Business also required close networking. Hence some people take advantages being in the network so that in future if needed they can start business.

    4. Recognition And Fame : Once a blogger is recognized, they pretend to be a well known name in the world of blogging. They write in various topics to keep the blog visitors enraged to the blogs and about them as ‘the blogger’. With time gradually by their recognition, they get fame as well and later on becomes a celebrity.

    5. Just For Fun : There are certain percentage of bloggers who write on random stuffs whatever comes to their minds without caring who is following/reading it or not. They keep blogging just they love to write. They consider it as entertaining thing in their life. We can say that they write  just for fun.

    6. Source Of Income : This is the main topic for which the article is. The large number of bloggers tend towards making money with their blogs. They can make money by putting ads in their posts which helps to monetize, which in turn good for the blogger and as well as the advertiser. So blogging has been taken as a money making media where bloggers think and post such contents which will make money and will also help affiliates to sell their product and services. Nowadays a lot of established professionals are leaving MNC and switching to blogging career.

    Blogging as an income source is likely to disappoint the determined writers in initial days. However, there are many opportunities of earning from the blog itself that can enhance a bloggers income potential. Writing blogs is easy job but the blogs that are well thought over, contain good content raise its viewers automatically. Always keep in mind to avoid some of the common blog pitfalls (e.g., not writing regularly, poor grammar, etc.) can do well over time. 

    Keep blogging :)

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